Friday, 7 June 2013

Add Wooden Style Social Icons To Blogger

In my 11th post the Sir Pedia have published a best wooden social widget . This is widget is developed by Sir Pedia And Published by Shiraz Shakeel. By use of this widget you can get more likes,tweets etc and effective SEO.
Let's Do It.

Add Wooden Style Social Icons To Blogger

  1. Go to Blogger >> Layout >> Add a Gadget
  2. Select HTML/Java Script
  3. Add the Code Below
<a class="Cloudspedia" href=""><img src="" /></a> <a class="Cloudspedia" href=""><img src="" /></a> <a class="social-icons" href=""><img src="" /></a> <a class="Cloudspedia" href=" FeedburnerID"><img src="" /></a> <a class="Cloudspedia" href=""><img src="" /></a>
Change the highlighted text With Your's.


Sir Pedia And Shiraz Shakeel.


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    1. Thanks ! ! !
      Next Time No Links Plzz.
      Best Of Luck !!


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