Saturday, 24 August 2013

How To Unblock YouTube In Pakistan With Images

As you know that YouTube is blocked by the Government of Pakistan. Therefore everyone is looking for the tips and tricks regarding how to unblock YouTube and some of them have found methods to access YouTube in Pakistan by using proxy websites and also by different proxy softwares which is not safe at all. As you know that YouTube is the best and popular video search engine where not millions but billions of users have joined and uploaded their videos which include tutorials, musics and helped thousands of people. As YouTube has been blocked by the Government of Pakistan. And most of Pakistanis wanted YouTube to be unblocked without using any type of proxy or software as this can harm your system too which is too bad. So, today I am going to share a great news about unblocking the YouTube in Pakistan without any use of proxy or software which is good.
I am sharing this post because with the help of this post one can access YouTube in Pakistan. Since opening or unblocking YouTube by any software or proxy website; different kinds of ads are displayed which are too much annoying and irritating. These ads are not liked by anyone. When you unblock YouTube by proxy or using software also has some problems while playing videos because if your internet connection is disconnected then the buffering of video gets interrupted and YouTube when opened by using these methods is also illegal but don't worry by the method which I am going to share with you is legal, free of proxy and also software free which means no irritating and annoying ads any more. I am also sharing with the images below to help you more clearly.

1.     To Open YouTube Open New Tab in your browse (Tip: use Ctrl+N to open)
2.     Type the following address in the address bar
3. (use https:// instead of http:// to open)
4.     See the Difference Below
Using http:// will not open YouTube

Using https:// will open Youtube
Hopefully I think this article will be helpful to you. Kindly share the reviews about this article by mentioning your reviews in the comments below. Thanks!


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